About Us

Founded in April 2021 by a College freshman, C-LINK.co's mission is to give high schoolers the resources needed to choose the college that is right for them. We achieve this by connecting high school students/parents interested in a particular college with a student from that college, providing a highly informative, unbiased, and personalized service. 
- If you are a high schooler or the parent of one struggling to decide which college to go to, or if you simply want to learn more about a specific college, C-LINK was made for you.
- If you are a college student looking for the perfect opportunity to make fast money while also helping people who went through the same thing you did not too long ago, C-LINK.co was made for you.


How It's Going to Work

Highly informative, unbiased, and personalized service.

For High Schoolers or Parents

Scroll through lists of student representatives from colleges across the country, choose to connect with one from any college you may be interested, and learn what the college is actually like and if it's the right fit for you!

For College Students

Create an account with us, post a listing stating what college you go to, what you study there and other involvements, and maybe a fun fact about yourself! Finally, share your experiences at your college and get paid for it ($5 per ~15 minute phone call)!

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Why use C-LINK.co?

(After conducting a survey on 57 High School Juniors and Seniors, we learned that they believe talking to a college student is the most effective method for learning about a college, next to visiting a college in-person)

Authentic and personalized: Whether it’s a College’s website/social media, attending a college fair at your high school, or talking with someone in the admissions office, none really shows you what the college is actually like (i.e. the “vibe”), and therefore it doesn't show you if a college is truly the right one for you, as it’s important to note that just because a college is right for someone, that doesn't mean it will be for you too. C-LINK.co solves this uncertainty by providing real answers to your specific questions, whether your questions are academic or social, or even if you don't have questions and just want to learn more, we will guide you towards determining if a college passes your own, unique vibe check. 


Limited in-person alternatives: COVID-19 has to an extreme, limited last year’s student’s ability to visit the colleges that they were considering. Even after the pandemic is fully over, there will still be significant limitations towards a prospective college student’s ability to learn about what their college choices are actually like, such as traveling costs, not knowing anyone who attends, or simply not being able to visit all your college choices over a limited period of time (We all have that one friend who is applying for more than 20 colleges). C-LINK.co bridges this gap by giving you the opportunity to hear what a college feels like from someone who has experienced it, giving you the closest alternative to visiting the college in-person.


Prototype Testimonials


"Mateo (College student) helped me learn more about Gonzaga from the perspective of a student. He told me about things that you can't learn from websites or pamphlets such as student life and how he personally likes Gonzaga. I found it all very helpful and it filled in the gaps of what I had already heard about that university. It impacted my perspective because I will take into account the information I learned from Mateo when I make my decision on where to study for college. Thanks again."

Senior, Skyline High School